M. José C.
Great dishes, great chicken curry. The exceptional attention. The place is quiet and very good atmosphere.

Dear M, Jose C,
Overwhelmed we have stayed with your comment.
We thank you with all our heart for this magnificent review, we love knowing that we have made the right decision and fulfilled your expectations.
We hope to count on you soon to continue surprising you pleasantly.
Best regards,


Ricardo C.
The food excellent, the vegetables were not “bagged” and the flavors very original.

Dear Ricardo C,
All the Limón Limón Club team wants to thank you for your comment, so accurate.
In fact, all the ingredients used to make our dishes are top quality and very fresh.
We are infinitely happy to know that we have gourmet customers and that we have met your expectations.
We hope to see you soon.

Best regards,

Victor P.
Original and different food, good! Nice atmosphere and good music! The drink is very expensive, even excessive. Free parking courtesy of the restaurant.

Dear Victor P,
Thank you very much for sharing your comment with all of us.
We are delighted to know that you enjoyed the environment and the Lemon Limon gastro-kitchen, always offering the best quality to our clients.
We hope to see you soon.
Best regards,
Limón Limón Club

Sílvia F.
Impeccable service, food and atmosphere. The same letter, but with a different touch, gaining in exoticism and creativity. Do not miss the new version of Morning Glory and try the apple gyozas with lemon ice cream.

Dear Silvia F,
What can we say before a comment so elaborated and written with such affection? The colors go up.
It is customers like you who give us the reliability and security of knowing that we are on the right track.
We thank you with all our heart for mentioning one of our signature dishes, the “Morning Glory”, the homemade desserts of “wow” and all overflowing exoticism.
Whenever you dress us it’s a joy for us, that’s why, we tell you, see you soon!
Un abrazo limonero y arriba la adrenalina!
C. Miró

Albert A.
It is a quiet and very cozy place. The dishes are very good and you have different tastes as they indicate, of fusion. The decoration and the music are very successful. Ideal to go as a couple or with friends, but whenever you like calm and calm, so you can have good conversations while you taste the food.

Dear Albert A,
Wow! What a great and successful comment.
You have captured the essence of Limón Limón Club.
Thank you very much for your generosity sharing your experience with all the friends on the web.
We hope to see you soon and continue to offer you our exquisitely merged gastronomic flavors and services,
Best regards,
Limón Limón Club

Susana V.
Very cozy place and exquisite surprising dishes

Dear Susan V,
Thank you, thank you and a thousand times thanks for sharing your experience at Limón Limón Club with everyone.
We hope to see you soon and continue to pleasantly surprise you.
Best regards,
Limón Limón Club.

José L.
I went at noon and the restaurant has enchanted me, ideal music to accompany and the very close attention and attentive the next will be at night that promises a beautiful atmosphere.

Dear José L,
Thank you very much for your great comment.
All our bet and creativity overflows with passion for fusion cuisine.
We hope to see you soon, this time having dinner to delight you with our lemon stars.
Sincere and cordial greetings,
Limón Limón Club

Saray S.
Good situation in the center of Terrassa.
Warm and friendly atmosphere with ambient music that makes you have a good time. Excellent service and food all super good and plentiful quantities. I’ll be back, I still have dishes to try.

Dear Saray S,
All the Limón team is jumping with joy to read a comment so full of positive energy and renewal.
We love to know that we meet your expectations and we give you infinite thanks for it,
We hope to see you soon to share with you all the love we put into our gastronomy.
Autumnal, warm and cordial greetings.
Limón Limón club.

Gerard T.
The food was very good, and with the possibility of the discount I was able to eat at a lower price than the menu would cost. I’m sure I’ll come back again as soon as I have a chance.

Dear Gerard T,
Thank you very much for your comments and evaluation.
We will be very pleased to return and thus be able to enjoy your company and offer you once again our dishes made with all the LOVE in the world.
Best regards,

Rafael C.
All right and original. It’s worth it if you go with a discount, but it’s a bit expensive

Dear Rafael C,
First of all we want to thank you for your comments on your Limón experience.
We hope to see you soon so we can greet you and offer you our novel dishes made with a lot of love.
Best regards,
Limón Limón club

Olga O.
For me it has been a dinner to find new flavors, contrasts, a quiet place, a very good service.

Dear Olga O,
Thank you so much for your excellent assessment.
We would like to know that you liked to be with us and that, of course, you enjoyed the evening.
Until soon and a hug,
Limón Limón Club.

Joan L.
The food and the excellent treatment.

Dear Joan L.
Many but thank you very much for making us get your Limón sensation.
We hope to see you soon! Best regards,
Limón Limón Club

Verónica C.
All very good, with the discount goes well but without the discount it is expensive. The dishes are good but something fair for the price. The guy who treated us super nice and attentive

Dear Verónica C,
Thank you very much for your positive assessment and very nice review.
Your opinions are very important for us since it helps us to know what you like and what you love, to be able to improve.
The boy who treated you does not give credit, he is so flattered that he has climbed to the roof of joy.
We hope to see you soon.
Best regards,
Limón Limón club

Eugenio S.
The food very good and very good local although the portions a little fair, basically in the amount of chicken in the curry. For the rest the great taste and the dessert, although I would be unable to repeat the name, was delicious. Good place to go as a couple with a very good location of Terrassa.

Dear Eugenio S,
All the Limón team is standing reading your review, and wants to thank you for such a nice comment.
Every day and every night we will continue working and creating to improve our gastronomic commitment.
Now that the time of the chestnuts is approaching the gallop, we want to remind you how “wow” our terrace is.
Best regards,
Limón Limón Club